Declassified cost of iPhone 14

The base model of the iPhone 14 will be priced at $799. This was reported by MacRumors.

Media journalists referred to a report by the authors of the Korean blog Naver, who are sure that Apple has no intention of raising prices for entry-level smartphones. According to declassified information from insiders, the cost of the iPhone 14 will start at $799 – the same price as the iPhone 13.

Experts noted that in this way, the American company intends to increase sales and compensate for the decrease in demand against the background of the slowdown in the global smartphone market. Sources said that the decision to freeze the price of the basic device of the series was made “at the highest management level” at Apple. The report says top executives have agreed not to raise prices despite rising production costs and supply problems.

MacRumors noted that if Apple does not raise prices, this will be the second year in a row that the price of the basic flagship model with a 6.1-inch screen remains unchanged. The 2020 iPhone 12 was also priced at $799. The announcement of the iPhone 14 series of smartphones is expected in September.

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