Disaster Management – a business perspective

Why “Business Continuity”?

The value of Business Continuity Planning has recently gained more importance than ever because of global weather events such as those happening all around us. Such planning helps us remain better positioned to recover from business interruption, property damage, financial impact, and loss of life associated with a disaster or crisis.

Workshop Presentation Screens used 19 Dec 2022 (22.1 MB PDF)

Key “learning outcomes” will include

  • an understanding of risk as a function of hazard and vulnerability;
  • the need to focus on the vulnerability of resources underpinning critical activities before disaster impact;
  • the need to focus on the impact on operability during and after disasters;
  • the value of risk-based plans being succinct and well communicated;
  • the value of software aligned with best practice standards.

Our risk-based workshop will support you to develop a comprehensive, integrated plan which addresses your context, your priorities, and your vulnerabilities.

The session will be facilitated by John Salter, an experienced expert who has been recognized since 1997 for “preventing disasters, or where that is not possible, reducing the potential for harm”. (Reference: Barrister Hugh Selby in The Inquest Handbook)

Please contact us with any questions you have about the FlyingFish Business Continuity app.

I can address those specific questions in the workshop.

Before attending the workshop, download and explore our free Disaster Risk Assessor app which will be used with you during the introductory segment of the workshop.

FlyingFish Business Continuity app (US$5) is the main tool we will use at the workshop.

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