Doctors implanted a person ear, printed on a 3D printer

Doctors implanted an ear, printed on a 3D printer from his own cells. It is reported by The New York Times. Such an organ was received by a 20-year-old American, born with a deformed and small right ear.

Independent experts said that transplantation was the first example of a successful clinical test of this technology and is an amazing progress in the field of tissue engineering.

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The operation was carried out back in March, but 3dbio Therapeutics announced this only now. The new ear continues to regenerate the cartilage, giving it the appearance and sensation of the natural ear, the company said.

In total, 11 patients take part in clinical trials. Doctors and company representatives do not exclude that transplantation can be unsuccessful or lead to unpredictable health complications. But since the cells are taken from the patient’s own tissue, the new ear is unlikely to be torn by the body.

The company did not publicly reveal the technical details of the process, but said that federal regulators monitor compliance with standards. All data will be published in a medical journal upon completion of the study.

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