Dodon claims trumped-up charges against him

Former Moldovan President Igor Dodon, who was taken to court on Thursday, May 26, told reporters that the charges against him were fabricated.

“The case is political, it is fabricated,” said the ex-president of Moldova.

His lawyer Maxim Lebedinsky, in turn, accused the Moldovan authorities of putting pressure on the client and keeping him in poor conditions.

“He was deliberately assigned to the Chisinau Police Department, whose institutions are notorious for not having the best conditions. The criminal investigation is being conducted in the building of the Anti-Corruption Center, which has its own isolation ward, but Dodon was deliberately sent to a well-known pre-trial detention center,” the lawyer said.

Earlier that day, Dodon went to the court of Chisinau, where a preventive measure would be chosen for him. Prosecutors demand that he be placed under arrest for 30 days.

On May 24, Dodon was detained for 72 hours, he was suspected of treason and corruption, the Prosecutor General’s Office of the republic reported. Elena Kazakova, acting head of the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office, indicated that two people, including a politician, were detained as a result of searches at the ex-president’s house.

The Moldavian Socialist Party called the searches in Dodon’s house a fight against the opposition. Actions were held in Chisinau in support of the politician.

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