Dog Patron started his own TikTok – video

Dog Patron of the Jack Russell Terrier breed, serving in the State Emergency Service, received his own TikTok account. Patron has over 42,300 followers and over 450,000 likes.
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On TikTok, the “Chernihiv Pyrotechnics Mascot” shows how he performs official tasks and frolic in his free time with a ball or with cats:

@patron__dsns Karolina Dikmann reprimanded my heart… #pespatron #patron #patrondsns #slavaukraїni ♬ original sound – Vasyl~Havniuk

“Do you want to see the most beautiful of all that I shot?”:

@patron__dsns can you fool around! #pespatron #patron #patrondsns #slavaukraini ♬ my marvelous Ukraine –

And here is Patron in action:

@patron__dsns Stefaniya mommy mom Stefanіііііііyaya

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