Dogecoin co-founder accuses Elon Musk of fraud

This week, D. Palmer, who is one of the founders of Dogecoin, lashed out at the cryptocurrency industry. He called it a financial bubble and a scam. Palmer denied rumors about the imminent onset of cryptowinter. According to him, more and more people are investing in the purchase of digital currencies.


Palmer called American billionaire I. Musk a fraudster. In his opinion, Musk sells others the hope for a happy and rich life that he lives himself.

The billionaire did not hesitate to answer. On Twitter, he said that Palmer provided him with a script that allegedly allows you to fight bots in the microblogging service. According to Musk, the script turned out to be inoperable. It is a set of meaningless characters. The businessman emphasized that at the age of 12, his children programmed much better than the co-founder of Dogecoin.

Recall that the abundance of bots on Twitter caused the suspension of the deal to acquire the billionaire microblogging service. The company’s latest report indicates that the share of fake Twitter profiles is about 5%. Musk claims that in fact, bots account for at least 20% of the microblogging service’s audience. On the background of the news about the suspension of the deal, Twitter’s capitalization began to decline. Shareholders of the company sued Musk. In their opinion, the businessman is trying to bring down the price of the asset before buying.

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