E-hospital care can now be obtained on the basis of an extract

E-hospitals continue to be formed under martial law, and the Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine pays for them on a regular basis – since the beginning of the war, funding for hospital and insurance benefits has not been suspended for a day. This was reported by the Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine.

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From May, Ukrainians can receive temporary disability or maternity benefits not only on the basis of the original e-hospital, but also its extract – the relevant resolution of the Pension Fund of Ukraine of May 2, 2022 № 4-1 “On approval of the form of extract from the Electronic register of sick leaves “was registered in the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on 18.05.2022 for № 532/37868.
What you need to know about e-hospital: important explanations for patients

It can be used, for example, if the employer is unable to submit a statement of claim to the FSSU due to hostilities – then the employee can apply to any convenient branch of the Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine to receive payments directly based on the withdrawal of his e-hospital.

An extract from the Electronic Register of Incapacity for Work is formed in the office on the web portal of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (https://portal.pfu.gov.ua) and does not require a visit to the service centers. However, if you need a paper version – PFC service centers will provide it. Employers can also extract e-hospital staff.
How to get an e-hospital extract:

The statement can be downloaded in PDF format and sent to the employer for processing and accrual of benefits – the Social Insurance Fund of Ukraine will finance payments after receiving a statement of payment from the employer. Employees can monitor the status of e-hospital funding online on the FSSU telegram channel: https://t.me/socialfund (it is necessary to focus on the date of the Fund’s acceptance of the application-calculation, it depends on the term of payment of sick leave).

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