Exclusive: Apex Legends Saviors added some super relatable idle animations

Apex Legends Saviors went live worldwide yesterday, and the community is already raving about a selection of hilarious (and highly relatable) idle animations that complement the characterization we saw in the Apex Legends Saviors reveal trailer as well as the featured story trailer the defensive legend reason for attending the games.

Newcastle, who previously enlisted alongside Apex Legends favorite Bangalore, has since settled down and had a child away from the action. Now that he’s engaged in shootouts again while posing as a famous fighter, we can see cracks in his facade that show just how soft he really is.

The community on Reddit quickly flocked to an animation in which Bangalore appears to be mocking her longtime friend for making that bizarre appearance in the Apex games. As we strut in from the off, we see her nail Newcastle’s signature pose, taking a jab at his cute visor and poking at his newfound parental figure. All the while we see Newcastle fueling the friendly banter like the frontline support he is.

As good as that is, our favorite animation has to be this one, in which we see Newcastle relax from his stoic pose. Looking down at his stomach and wiggling it a bit, he shows a bit of frustration before pumping himself up and getting back into character. It’s clear that Newcastle feels a bit out of place in Apex Legends, but judging by our own impressions of the character since launch, he has nothing to worry about. It already feels like one of the best support options in the game!

Let us know if you’ve tried Newcastle for yourself in Apex Legends Saviors and what you think of this new powerful addition to the roster. For more on Apex Legends, check out our Newcastle abilities breakdown, as well as our report on the ongoing Apex Legends macro debate.

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