Fireworks were held in honor of the Day of the border guard in Moscow

Fireworks in honor of the Day of the border guard took place on May 28 at Poklonnaya Hill and VDNKh in Moscow.

Residents of the capital were able to see more than 20 types of fireworks in the sky, including Svetlana, Slava, Rubin, Assol, Vega and Violet. Domes of gaps in diameter reached 300 m.

Fireworks launched a separate guards salute division of the Western Military District from self-propelled combined salute launchers of caliber from 105 to 310 mm.

Earlier that day, Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the border guards on their professional holiday. At the same time, in his speech, he announced the suppression of provocations and sabotage in the areas bordering Ukraine. Putin also noted the work of border guards in identifying militants of neo-Nazi groups, letting refugees through, helping women, children, the elderly, and everyone who seeks salvation and protection in Russia.

In conclusion, he wished the border guards and their families health, success and prosperity.

On Saturday, Russian border guards celebrate their professional holiday. Border Guard Day was established in 1958 by a decree of the Council of Ministers of the USSR. It was then that the date was fixed for this holiday.

Today, border guards guard more than 60 thousand km of the border, three-quarters of which is maritime (it is guarded by the coast guard). The longest border between Russia and Kazakhstan is 7,599 km, the longest at sea is in the Arctic – 19,724 km. In addition, border guards provide work at almost 400 checkpoints. About 10,000 border detachments and up to 60 ships and boats go into service every day.

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