Firing at the FACT: a 27-year-old man was seriously wounded

A shootout occurred in the city of Kafr-Kara, which may have criminal motifs. The police are looking for the culprits of the crime and conducts searches in the nearby area.

A 27-year-old young man was seriously injured on Saturday as a result of a shootout in the Arab city of Kafr-Kara in the north of Israel.

Paramedics delivered a man to the Hilllle Jaffa Medical Center in Hader.

The police said that she had collected evidence at the scene and was currently holding search measures in the area in order to detain the attackers.

According to preliminary information, the shooting had criminal motives.

Over the past few years, many violent incidents have occurred in the FAC-KAR. Last year, the death of a 25-year-old resident of the city caused a protest rally in which hundreds of Israeli of the Arabic origin took part.

In Arab communities, a surge of violence has recently been observed, which is associated with organized crime. At the same time, the Palestinian Arabs express accusations against the police, who allegedly ignored the activities of powerful criminal groups. Most often, these are family ranges, violence against women and mafia wars.

Earlier, the “cursor” reported that the IDF detained two Palestinian Arabs who wanted to penetrate Israel from Gaza. The soldiers of the IDF stopped another attempt to illegally penetrate from Gaza into Israel. This time, Palestinian Arabs tried to carry a home -made grenade.

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