Five easy ways to save hundreds of pounds Money on Gas or fuel

A money-saving expert has revealed five easy ways for drivers to save hundreds of pounds on fuel as prices continue to rise.

Krishnan Kara has made it his mission to help the British feel the pressure at the pump by sharing his smart money-saving tips. Krishnan Kara shares five energy economy tips to help the British save hundreds of pounds.

Content creators have asked users to perform commonly overlooked autochecks

TikToker has re-educated road users by encouraging them to test commonly neglected cars to save their juices.

He also advised to drive more carefully to save money in the long run.

Krishnan’s first helpful tip was to check the tire pressure – because fuel consumption increases dramatically when it is not at the point.

If your wheels are 20 percent less bulky, you can waste 5 to 10 percent fuel.

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Because it pulls more on the road and creates heat and friction which makes your car harder.

He then told the drivers to do their job – and clean their car boots, because unnecessary clutter again increases the resistance of your car.

The content creator says that carrying an extra 50kg of weight can reduce the number of miles per gallon by two percent.

Cars are designed to be aerodynamic, but some things enhance the drag and create fuel-sapping drag – including the items inside.

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This means that your car uses more gas because it is less streamlined.

Krishnan’s third top tip is that people drive slowly and steadily just to win the fuel economy race.

Every time you brake, valuable energy is lost due to the heat generated by the brake pads and discs.

Revising your engine more than necessary creates similar problems, so easy riding is an essential step.

He says that if you drive at 80 speeds instead of 70 miles per hour, you can waste 25 percent more gas.

The savings expert then sarcastically advised motorists to buy a new set of tires.

But there is a way out of this frenzy – because they are responsible for 20 percent of your fuel consumption.

This is because, as mentioned earlier, you are consuming extra fuel by doing extra work for your engine.

With a new set of wheels, he ensures that your car’s rolling resistance is as low as possible, which promises a perfect ride.

And Krishnan advised the British to make maximum use of the car stop-start features to save some money.

When your car is stationary and the engine is idle, e.g. By waiting in traffic, you waste your fuel unnecessarily.

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So instead of wasting fuel, take advantage of the auxiliary feature that automatically shuts off the engine when a car is stationary.

This can save you up to 7 percent on fuel, which adds up significantly over time.

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