Five: the State Duma intends to return the title of “Mother Heroine”

State Duma deputies intend to restore the title of “Mother Heroine” for women with many children. Such a bill is being developed in United Russia, Tatyana Butskaya, deputy head of the profile committee, told Izvestiya. The initiative may be ready this summer. Earlier, the head of the Association of Large Families of Moscow, Natalya Karpovich, appealed to President Vladimir Putin with a request to confer the title on women who gave birth to five or more children. The return of the title will help give mothers a special status in society, and will also improve the demographic situation if women can count on financial support measures, experts and public figures say.
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The initiative to return the title of “Mother Heroine” to Russian President Vladimir Putin was addressed by the chairman of the Association of Large Families of Moscow, Natalya Karpovich, on May 25 at a meeting of the Presidium of the State Council.

This title appeared in the USSR in 1944, in difficult times, when it became clear that it was women who had to raise the country, the social activist reminded Izvestia.

“Mothers gave birth to children, worked and raised a generation that rebuilt the country after the war. Today, demographic tasks dictate the need for us to introduce additional stimulating, status measures, such as recognition of the work of a parent. They are needed in addition to material support, the benefits that are provided by the state today,” she noted.

Natalya Karpovich proposes to present the award to mothers with five children or more.

– The prospect of obtaining a title will help you decide to increase your family. We plan that the award will have degrees depending on the number of children – for example, for five, seven, ten children, she explained.

In addition to the status, the title should also allow you to receive various preferences: from one-time cash payments to maintaining the benefits of a parent with many children when the offspring reach a certain age. It is also important to take into account the time of raising children as a length of service when calculating a pension, she is sure.

Work on the bill on the return of the title of “Mother Heroine” is already underway, Tatyana Butskaya, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Family, Women and Children, told Izvestia.

“It’s not enough to call a woman “Mother Heroine” and give her an order. Although recognition is also very important, I would like to add privileges to this title, support measures for the family of a woman who has given birth to so many children. We are working on the initiative from this point of view,” she said.

The corresponding bill can be prepared this summer, the parliamentarian added.
status: mother

State awards for parents still exist. For example, there is the Order of Parental Glory, reminded the chairman of the commission of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation on demography, protection of the family, children and traditional family values, the general director of the ANO Institute of Scientific and Public Expertise Sergey Rybalchenko.

– The order is given to both dad and mom, who adequately raised children. That is, in terms of education. This, of course, is an important measure of stimulation and support. But the award isn’t given that often. And now it is being discussed that it should be awarded directly on the fact of the birth of children. We must somehow celebrate the contribution of women to the future of the country,” he told Izvestia.

It is important that the birth of children gives a woman a special status in society, he believes.

– Mother-heroine is the same title as, say, “Veteran of Labor”. The latter has benefits and preferences, including payment for housing and communal services. The mother-heroine should also be entitled to material rewards. The decision to stimulate will not be so costly, the expert believes.

The status of mother-heroine must necessarily be accompanied by measures of material support, social activists agree. For example, the president of the All-Russian Union of Public Organizations for Work with Large Families, Marina Kondratovich, a mother of seven children, proposes to introduce annual payments for its owners and the opportunity to be equated with a labor veteran.

There must be some significant lump sum payment. For example, 200 thousand rubles. Awarded honorary titles should be provided with preferential tickets to theaters and museums. I know examples when a mother of 17 children in our suburbs receives a pension of 11 thousand. Of course, the “Mother Heroine” should have a decent pension, at least 30 thousand rubles, she believes.

It could be about establishing a “mother’s salary,” believes the head of the movement of mothers of many children in Russia “Warriors of Life” Tatyana Chichvarina.

– Then a mother or father who gave birth to five or more children could count on a multi-stage system of financial support. Unfortunately, so far such initiatives have not been implemented, although they have been repeatedly voiced. This is a key support measure that, if implemented correctly, would solve much more problems for the state than just a demographic issue, she is sure.

The title “Mother Heroine” (with the award of the Order “Mother Heroine” (“Maternal Glory”) and letters of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR) appeared in the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War as the highest degree of distinction for mothers who gave birth and raised ten or more children. It was awarded when the last child reached the age of one year and provided that all other children were alive.

Over 40 years, a sign in the form of a five-pointed star with the inscription “Mother Heroine” has been awarded to more than 750 thousand women, the medal of Maternity of the first degree – more than 1.5 million women, the medal of Maternity of the second degree – more than 2.7 million women. The award was last presented on November 14, 1991.

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