Frankly about war and peace

After several bold statements, first by the head of the National Security and Defense Council Danilov, Foreign Minister Kuleba, and then by Zelensky himself that Ukraine will consider the victory of the liberation of all territories, including Crimea and Donbass, we suddenly receive a statement from the president. by February 24, this is a victory. ”

If someone still does not understand the nature of this war – will have to explain again – for the “teapots”. Well, yes, for the president in particular. I explain frankly and truthfully.

Peace for Ukrainians is possible only after our victory over Russia. Victory on the battlefield, ie the destruction of the entire combat-ready army. And disarmament incompetent.

Not reduction of its quantitative structure, not expulsion from the territory of Ukraine for replenishment and replenishment, not destruction of separate groups, not physical liquidation of its commander-in-chief.

All this is possible only as intermediate stages, tactical successes, but not victory. Only complete destruction. Only Russia’s unconditional surrender will be a victory.

– What will happen if you do not do it? If we limit ourselves to tactical success (for example, our troops will push the occupiers to the actual borders as of February 24), and then consolidate it with some kind of peace agreement?

There will be a war. Russia’s leadership will draw conclusions, heal wounds, prepare and strike with renewed vigor. The war will be even bloodier.

– What will happen if you just give up and do not resist? Well, apart from the fact that some Ukrainians will be physically exterminated, and the rest will be raped, robbed and deported …

There will be a war. Yes, Ukrainians will still fight, but not against Russians, but against, for example, Poles, or Lithuanians, or British, or Georgians … but they will still fight. They are being mobilized, as Ukrainians are now being mobilized in the occupied territories, and will be made into cannon fodder.

– What will happen if we liberate the entire territory of Ukraine, including the Crimea and Donbass, and stop?

There will be a war. In 5, 10, 20 years, but it will still be. Therefore, yes, only complete destruction, only complete capitulation of Russia, with the subsequent division of its territory into zones of occupation and controlled disintegration into small nation-states.

– But then how many of our guys will die! That’s what losses!

Unfortunately, yes, many Ukrainians will die. No one is insured, neither I nor you. But if you don’t do that, you will die even more. We have no other choice.

– As soon as the Ukrainian army crosses the border of Russia, the United States and Britain will refuse to help with weapons. And their population will run en masse to the military enlistment offices. And we are 5 times less in number.

They will not refuse. And do not run. The world will not refuse to help us, because today everyone has agreed that Russia must be defeated. The closer we are to victory, the more they will help us. He will not run, because everything that could have run will be destroyed on our territory.

– And if they use nuclear weapons?!?

Yes, this is possible. In this case, another, two, three wonderful Ukrainian cities will become what Mariupol or Volnovakha are now. This is terrible. But if you give up – it will be even worse.

– What if you just run away from Ukraine? This is not our war! This is a war of politicians !!!

If everyone flees Ukraine, there will be no one to protect it. If no one defends it, it will be conquered. And the war will find you all the same, but in Poland, Germany, France, or wherever you decided to flee.

There will be a war, because it must be so. Because we have to pass this test. Whenever we do not solve the problem, we only deepen it. The sooner we decide, the sooner peace will come.

Don’t you believe? Until February 24, you didn’t believe me either. Neither to me, nor to the few who openly warned about it. And I’m not happy that I was right.

So we are gaining strength, and forward – to victory!

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