Freelance exchange Upwork blocked users from Russia and Belarus

The largest freelance exchange Upwork has banned users from Russia and Belarus. On the evening of June 1, freelancers from these countries received a farewell letter in the mail, inviting them to move to another country in order to access the platform.

“If you move to another region where we operate, we would be happy to review your account for recovery,” the letter said.

The company also told Russian and Belarusian customers that the service is taking every step to ensure the continued reputation they have built on their platform.

Recall that on March 7, Upwork, a global job search platform, announced that it was suspending work in Russia and Belarus due to Putin’s war against Ukraine. The first step was to stop supporting Upwork for a new generation of businesses in Russia and Belarus. Disabling the ability to create new accounts, enter into new contracts, and be viewed in search.

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