French inventor tests his “flyboard”: the flight ended abruptly

The test of the new jet-based aircraft failed, and the pilot fell into the lake from a height of 15 meters.

Introducing his new invention, 40-year-old Frenchman Frankie Zapata, whom the local press calls the “Bat”, failed. The flight on the “flyboard” (flying board) ended with a fall into the pond, over which the inventor rose.

A video posted on social media shows Zapata rising into the air from the platform, spinning in the air for a long time at a fairly high altitude, after which he seems to lose control of the flight and falls into the lake.

The fall from a height of 15 meters cost minor injuries. The 40-year-old inventor was taken to hospital, he is recovering and his life is not in danger.

However, some of the events that Bat intended to join will now take place without his participation.

Despite this embarrassment, Frankie Zapata has already gone down in history when in 2019 he flew on his homemade device over a military parade in celebration of Bastille Day, as well as flying on a “flyboard” across the English Channel.

We will remind, in Russia the inventor from St. Petersburg invented the tank which shoots feces. According to him, this will help solve the problem of toilets for the military and break the spirit of the enemy.

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