HR Specialist Gives Students Advice on Finding a Job After Graduation

Employment after graduation from a higher educational institution, especially without work experience, is quite a challenge. On Thursday, May 26, HR and organizational development director of the service, an expert in the HR industry, Yulia Sanina, gave students six tips on finding a job.

First of all, you need to find out about the employment options that the educational institution itself provides, since many companies cooperate with specialized universities and take students without work experience for internships. Also, during the training, it is necessary to expand your circle of acquaintances and thus form useful and mutually beneficial connections.

“According to our data, seven out of 10 Russians were able to find a paid job thanks to the experience gained in unpaid internships. Of these, 56% of respondents were able to get a job in the same company where they did their internship. <…> If a student fails to get a job in his specialty, he should consider areas where there are many vacancies that do not require much experience or special skills, ”the specialist explained in an interview with Gazeta.Ru.

Sanina also recommended to work out your resume in detail and remove irrelevant data from it, and then prepare for the interview.

On April 11, recruiters named areas of activity for quick employment in Russia. The fastest way to get a job today is in the trade sector – there are 56% of vacancies for urgent hiring of employees. Further behind are the areas of HR and recruitment (12%), transport and logistics (9%), construction (6%), manufacturing (5%), IT (4%), restaurants and catering (3%), security and security (3%), personal services (2%).

Earlier, on April 7, the SuperJob portal compiled a list of the highest paid vacancies in April in Moscow, where the position of an orthopedic dentist took the first place. The salary of a specialist is about 500 thousand rubles.

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