In 2030, many people will reject smartphones – the director of Nokia

Nokia CEO Pekka Lundmark says that by 2030, many people will lose their smartphones. However, today this gadget has become the most important in the lives of many and often people can not be disconnected from their smartphones for even an hour.


Why did Lundmark make such a statement? He said it because 6G mobile networks will officially start commercial operations in 2030. Pekka Lundmark believes that many people will use wearable electronic products and even implant chips in their body.

In today’s 5G era, smartphones are still the most important device for accessing 5G networks. Pekka Lundmark believes that the situation will change after the commercial launch of 6G networks. At that time, smartphones will definitely not be the most common devices, and everyone will use devices such as smart glasses and even implanted chips and electronic devices in the human body.

In 2030, the technical requirements for 6G networks will also change dramatically. This will require a huge amount of computing power, and at the same time the network speed will be higher. It should be about 100 or even 1000 times faster than the current network.

In recent years, Nokia has fared poorly in the smartphone market. Smartphones of this brand, especially the flagships, did not cause a wave of popularity. In March, Adam Ferguson, head of marketing at HMD Global (Nokia’s owner), said in an interview that the company was no longer producing flagships. “It doesn’t make sense for us to make a $ 800 phone,” he said.

The company did not leave the flagship market without trying to return to the high-end market. In 2019, Nokia released the flagship image processing Nokia 9 PureView, but the market reaction to this machine was small. After that, Nokia is no longer obsessed with the high-end market, but focused on the market for functional phones and low-end mobile phones. In addition, due to patent disputes, Nokia has been forced to withdraw most of its smartphones from the market in some countries.

Nokia recently quietly released the Nokia G21. This is a budget model equipped with a UNISOC T606 processor. The Nokia PureBook Pro laptop was also released last month. It is clear that in the market of smartphones and laptops Nokia has not completely given up.

According to Nokia’s previously announced financial report for 2021, Nokia’s annual net profit was 1.623 billion euros, up 164.33% from the same period last year; operating profit amounted to EUR 22.202 billion, which is 1.6% more than in the previous year.

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