In Melitopol, the connection and the Internet disappeared again

The invaders once again jammed the connection and took the residents of the temporarily occupied Melitopol into an information blockade. Against the backdrop of rumors about the shutdown of Ukrainian mobile operators and the sale of SIM cards from Russian operators, this makes not only Melitopol residents nervous, but also their loved ones.

In Melitopol, Ukrainian mobile communications and the Internet stopped working about half an hour ago. Partially working only wired internet.

National roaming works in Ukraine, allowing users to switch between mobile operators and stay connected. But operators note that due to the connection of national roaming, the load on the network will increase, so some services may work intermittently.

Recall that this is not the first time that communication in the city has been jammed. The information vacuum is usually used for the quiet transfer of equipment and strengthening their positions.

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