IRIS-T air defense missiles: main characteristics, price

The transfer of the air defense system was announced by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz during his speech in the Bundestag on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. According to German media, Germany plans to send the Armed Forces one IRIS-T SLM system, which includes three launchers. The same system was previously transferred to Egypt.
History of creation

IRIS-T SML is an air defense system developed by Diehl Defense as a ground-based SAM on a MAN SX 45 chassis (8×8 wheelbase). Uses modified short-range guided air-to-air guided missiles – IRIS-T.

Work on the IRIS-T-based anti-aircraft missile began in 2000. They were funded by the International Department of Defense Technology and Procurement. The missile has also been used in other systems (eg UHT Tiger). Between 2000 and 2002, IRIS-T ground launch test shots were fired (at the Salto di Quirra test site, Sardinia).

In early May 2022, Diehl Defense proposed to transfer the system to Ukraine. However, all this time the proposal was under consideration by the Security Committee.
IRIS-T: tactical and technical characteristics of the missile

Length: 2,936 m;
Diameter: 0.127 m;
Wingspan: 0.350 m;
Starting weight: 87.4 kg;
Starting range: ~ 25 km;
Ceiling: up to 20 km;
Flight speed: up to 3 M (1020 m / s or 3672 km / h);
Combat unit: high-explosive fragmentation;
Warhead weight: 11.4 kg;
Detonator: active radar;
Engine: RDTT.

The rocket consists of five modules:

electronic equipment and cooling;
guidance system;
warhead and engine with controls;

There are two main modifications of the IRIS-T missile:

IDAS – a naval variant, developed for the armament of submarines of the 212A project of the German Navy, is used to fire on air attack vehicles, small and medium-sized surface ships, targets on the coastal strip.
IRIS-T SL – a variant that has been adapted to the conditions of ground launch, provides for the use of these missiles in addition to the US PAC-3 for the PRO MEADS system.

The price of one rocket

The three-meter rocket is estimated at 400,000 euros. Currently, the missile is in service with 9 European countries. In 2008, South Africa also applied for IRIS-T supplies.

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