Israel refuses to allow transfer of Spike anti-tank missiles to Ukraine – media

Israel has rejected a US request to allow Berlin to supply Ukraine with anti-tank missiles manufactured in Germany under Israeli technology and license.

Source: Axios citing US and Israeli officials

Details: The publication notes that the issue of arms supply is one of the latest political differences between the US and Israel when it comes to war.

As Axios writes, under pressure from the Joe Biden administration, Israel adjusted its policy towards Moscow and gradually adopted a more pro-Ukrainian stance than when Russia launched the invasion. But it still does not supply modern weapons to Ukraine.

It is noted that senior Israeli Defense Minister Amir Eshel met in Washington two weeks ago with US Deputy Secretary of Defense for Policy Colin Kahl to discuss security cooperation between the countries.

According to U.S. and Israeli officials, Kahl met with Eshel and spoke about the Biden administration’s efforts to push countries to supply weapons to Ukraine and asked if Israel would allow Germany to transfer Spike anti-tank missiles to Ukraine.

The publication reports that Eshel denied the request, replying to Kal that Israel would only supply Ukraine with non-lethal weapons.

What came before:

Foreign Minister of the occupiers Sergei Lavrov said that Adolf Hitler had Jewish blood, and the most ardent anti-Semites are usually Jews. Israel was outraged by such statements.
The Russian Foreign Ministry has accused the Israeli government of supporting the “neo-Nazi regime” in Ukraine.
On April 20, the Israeli Defense Minister authorized the supply of helmets and vests to the Ukrainian rescue services against the backdrop of Russian aggression. Thus, for the first time since the beginning of a full-scale war, Israel will transfer defense assistance to Ukraine.
Earlier it was reported that political and military officials in Israel are leaning towards the supply of defense military aid to Ukraine.

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