Learn how to clear your iPhone’s RAM ‘its Very easy way’

The iPhone is characterized by periodic slowdown and slowdown, and you’ve probably noticed that your device behaves slowly from time to time, especially when trying to switch between applications or open them, as well as perform tasks using resource-intensive applications.

Sometimes your iphone can hang completely. Obviously, this is more common in older smartphones, as their features are less suitable for modern software and applications, but it can also occur in newer devices.

Often the cause of slowdown or slow operation may be the overflow of RAM in your smartphone. RAM is where the processor stores short-term data that it can use to run programs.

Computers and smartphones (which are basically mini-computers) only have a certain amount of RAM. Thus, when many programs are open and start filling up RAM, the processor does not have enough space to store short term data and the device slows down.

When this happens to your computer, you close the background programs and finish the process But on the iPhone, this process is applied a little differently.

So does your iPhone start to slow down and you think there is a problem with RAM?

Okay, there’s actually a good way to clean the iPhone’s RAM manually, which can often fix the device slowly or by hanging up. Here’s how to do it.

How to clear RAM on iPhone

First, if you use an iPhone without a physical home button, you’ll need to turn on the AssistiveTouch feature (because you’ll find out later).

If you have a physical button on your smartphone, you do not need to perform this step.

1. Scroll to Settings and then go to Accessibility Tap Touch, then tap Help Touch. At the top of the screen, activate the AssistiveTouch switch

You will then see a circular button on the screen. Click on it to open the touch menu. Next from this menu we will need Home Action – the same button that is physically missing on newer iPhones.

You will then need to enter the shutdown menu, but not what you normally use (this applies to newer iPhones from Model 7 and above).

2. Unlock your smartphone. Then quickly, sequentially, press the volume up button, then the volume down button, and then hold the lock button until the mute menu appears.

This will take you to the troubleshooting shutdown menu, which is used to force restart, restore and clear RAM.

This menu looks different from the normal shutdown menu that you normally turn off when turning off your smartphone – this menu has an SOS slider, when not in the regular shutdown menu, so you can easily see that you’ve done everything right.

3. In the shutdown menu, press the AssistiveTouch button to bring up the menu. Then press and hold the Home button.

If you have an iPhone with a physical button, hold it (on older devices, such as the iPhone 6S, just hold the physical home button in a simple shutdown menu).

4. After these manipulations, you will be presented with a lock screen which indicates that you have done the right thing and cleared the RAM.

Enter your password and voila: hang fixed.

To check if this method works, open the panel of previously launched programs. Every application you open will restart when you touch it, which means it has been unloaded from RAM.

PS You can also access the advanced shutdown menu by pressing the device lock button five times.

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