Matkapital offer permission to spend on buying a car

The government is being asked to allow maternity capital to be spent on buying a car. Yana Lantratova, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Education, sent such a proposal to Deputy Prime Minister Tatyana Golikova.
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“I think that a car is especially necessary for families with several children. It can be used for family vacations, delivery of children to preschool, medical and educational institutions. Increasing mobility, saving time, the emergence of new leisure options, including domestic tourism, can significantly improve the quality of life of such families,” the parliamentarian notes in his letter.

According to Lantratova, families could spend their mother’s capital within the framework of the “Family Car” concessional lending program that is valid until the end of 2023. As the deputy explained to Izvestia, the reason for her appeal was the requests coming to her from her parents.

“Many parents say that they really need a car, but they don’t have the opportunity to save up for it. This is especially true for large families, for which the movement of the whole family becomes a big problem. A family car is not a luxury, but a real necessity, ”said the deputy chairman of the State Duma committee.

Currently, the mother’s capital for the first child in Russia is 524.5 thousand rubles. When a second child is born, a family can receive an additional payment in the amount of 168.6 thousand rubles.

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