Named the best games and applications of 2022

It is known who won the Apple Design Award.

Apple has named the winners of this year’s annual awards. Winners receive valuable prizes, including company gadgets. According to, the winners were chosen from 36 finalists.

Won the “Inclusiveness” category:

  • Procreate is a drawing program.
  • Wylde Flower is a simulator of life and agriculture.

Won the “Entertainment” category:

  • (Not boring) Habit is a habit tracker
  • Overboard! – Game “Overboard”.

Won the “Interaction” category:

  • Slope – Ski slope tracker.
  • A musical story is a game of rhythm.

Won the “Social Impact” category:

  • Rebel Girls – Inspirational Women’s Story.
  • Gibbon: A game about the art of moving gibbons out of trees.

Won the “Visual Series and Graphics” category:

  • Halide Mark II – An application for photography
  • LEGO® Star Wars: Castaways is a game whose name speaks for itself

Won the “Innovation” category:

  • Odio – Interactive 3D audio
  • Marvel Future Revolution – a game about the famous superheroes of the fantasy universe.

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