Netflix has taken the “last step” to leave Russia

The Russians lost access to the Netflix streaming service on Friday

The Netflix online cinema is no longer available to Russians. This information was confirmed by a spokesman for the service.

The company said that this decision was the last step in the process of leaving the Russian market.
The service is still working, as the period of previously paid subscriptions of users from the Russian Federation has not expired yet.

It should be noted that the Russians complained about problems with access to the service on Friday, when it did not open even with a VPN. The Netflix application has also become unavailable to Russians on Google Play and the App Store.

In a letter to shareholders in April, the company said its exit from Russia cost it 700,000 subscribers.

It will be recalled that Netflix suspended operations in Russia on March 6. At the same time, Russian users could continue to watch dubbed content and subtitles. But registration of new accounts and replenishment of accounts became inaccessible. This could only be done with a VPN.

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