New buildings in Dubai become cheaper after purchase by 25%

7-8 months after the commissioning of a new building in Dubai, the cost of secondary apartments in it is reduced to 25%. Analysts from Realiste told Izvestia about this.
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“After the first hot sales have passed, interest in the residential complex (LC) is gradually decreasing, and after about 5–6 months they are no longer talking about it, because new projects are on the way, which are now being thrown all the forces of advertising campaigns,” — experts said.

The cost of apartments in the residential complex is gradually decreasing, and after 7-9 months you can buy an apartment in it on the secondary market from disappointed investors with a discount of up to 25%, the company said.

So, according to experts, almost every new project in the primary market of Dubai, which is sold out in a matter of days, as a result resembles an unsuccessful IPO: immediately after the placement of shares, their value goes down.

Therefore, before investing in the market, it is worth knowing its features and pitfalls, asking the realtor uncomfortable questions, and when choosing a specific lot, analyze competing lots (on your own or using machine algorithms), analysts advised.

On May 13, Est-a-Tet analysts told Izvestiya that the cheapest apartment in new buildings in Moscow is now being sold for 4.6 million rubles. The object is located in the Zelenograd administrative district.

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