NGO “Garden City” announces a tender for the development of the application “GARDENS”

The NGO “Garden City” in the framework of the project “GARDENS” invites contractors with a good reputation to provide price proposals for the development of a mobile application – an interactive calendar gardener.

List of services and product requirements:

The detailed concept should be finalized by the Service Provider in agreement with the customer.
The scope of the service provider’s activities under this TOR should include, but not be limited to, the following:
development of the concept of a mobile application in the form of an interactive gardener’s calendar with additional functions and technical needs for its implementation;
development of content for the mobile application, including, but not limited to, the following: the mobile application should help to conduct home gardening;
the input screen that greets the user must support authorization through social networks and popular platforms; the graphic design of the mobile application must correspond to other visual products of the project;
the main menu of the application should have a similar form and functionality to the conceptual proposal presented below.
The main menu of the application must contain at least four main blocks.
The first main unit should contain a weather tab related to a third-party service and adjust the data according to the geolocation of the device.
The second main block should contain current data on the day and month of the year with the possibility of transitioning to a full, extended calendar. The same block should contain information that tells the gardener the need or desirability of certain actions with plants on this day. This information can also be expanded when clicked.
The third main block should contain the thematic videos offered to the user for viewing. The list of recommended materials should change over time.
The fourth block button should transfer the user to the site – Gardens (link – under development) in the form of the order of delivery of seeds.
There is a requirement for regular alerts for the user, which should include the following information – such as a catchphrase to encourage and encourage gardening.
Mobile application languages: Ukrainian.
Develop a mobile application taking into account technical issues, for example, developed for iOS and Android platforms, child-oriented design (interface

user), offline use, maintenance capabilities, data exchange with external storage devices, data backup capability, etc.

Choose the optimal system requirements (writing language).
Calculate the approximate number (load) of users and select the appropriate technical requirements.
Together with the customer to select and approve the content of the application.
Approve with the customer a list of marketplaces to download the application.

The proposed order of works:

1. Collection of requirements for the application, preparation of terms of reference.

2. Development and approval of application functionality.

3. Development and approval of the content of the application.

4. Development and approval of application design.

5. Application development.

6. Application testing.

7. Deployment software.

8. Software support /

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