Pavel Durov said that Apple harms Telegram

The recent conflict between Apple and Telegram arose on the basis of the launch of the latest messenger update, which was blocked in the App Store.

Telegram is one of the most popular instant messengers, developed and owned by Pavel Durov. Other applications of this type – WhatsApp, Viber, Signal – are not able to compete with Telegram in terms of functionality, development rate and popularity.

At the same time, Pavel Durov believes that Telegram could be even better if not for Apple’s policy. He expressed the claims of the company, which had been slowing down the launch of the messenger update in the App Store for two weeks. The moderators of the company explained that the publication of the update was not possible due to Telemoji.

Telemoji are animated emoji from Telegram in vector format with unique animation.

For some unknown reason, Apple refused to launch Telegram updates with animated emojis in the App Store. Then the developers simply removed them, and the update was skipped. As a result, not only iPhone owners lost animated emojis, but also Android phones, where such difficulties did not arise.

Pavel Durov, in his characteristic manner, demonstrated what users have lost. He published a message on his telegram channel, where he showed the same telemoji. He did not explain why they were not in the telegram on either Android or iOS, but probably the developers intentionally equated both versions of the same program for different platforms.

The question remains why Apple did not allow the introduction of an update from Telemoji. Apparently, Apple considers emoji in iOS their intellectual property.

Then the Telegram developers offered such a way out of the situation: they presented their own emojis. These are animated emoticons drawn from scratch that can move even inside text messages. Unfortunately, they are only available to premium subscribers.

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