Prada will release 100 NFT

Italian fashion house Prada is releasing a new clothing line with serial numbers tied to irreplaceable tokens. We will remind, earlier about acceptance of cryptocurrency payments the Gucci brand reported, and recently Balenciaga also joined crypto-fever.

Prada has announced that it will release a collection of 100 NFT. The new clothing line is called Timecapsule. Buyers of clothing will receive free NFT, which will come to their wallets at the same time as the purchase. Timecapsule – a project that Prada launched in 2019 – under this name began to produce ultra-limited clothing lines. According to the company, buyers of previous “time capsules” will also receive NFT.

Non-interchangeable tokens are GIFs with the image of black and white shirts with a branded print. Previously, Prada already had experience in creating NFT – together with the Adidas brand, the Adidas for Prada Resource collection was created on the Polygon blockchain. The total auction volume of the collection was almost 500 ETN.

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