Producer price growth accelerated to 6.3% in April

In April 2022, compared to March, industrial producer prices, according to preliminary data, increased by 6.3% after rising by 5.9% in March, according to data from the Federal State Statistics Service. Since the beginning of the year, prices have risen by 17.1%. In annual terms, prices jumped by 31.5%.

In the extractive industries, the rise in prices in April of this year. was 11.8% after rising by 12.9% in March. For 4 months, prices increased by 37.9%.

In April 2022, compared to March, in the extraction of minerals for supplies to the domestic market, coal prices increased, with the exception of anthracite, coking coal and brown coal – by 42.4%, nickel concentrates – by 41.7%, natural diamonds (except technical) – by 32.1%, coking coal – by 27.3%, tungsten concentrates – by 27.0%, ores and concentrates of other non-ferrous metals not included in other groups – by 25.3%, apatite concentrate – by 24.2%, combustible natural gas (natural gas) – by 23.8%, refractory clays – by 20.9%, zinc concentrates – by 19.3%.

In manufacturing industries, prices rose by 5.3% last month after 4.2% a month earlier. In January-April, prices rose by 12.6%.

In manufacturing industries, a significant increase in prices was noted for coke and certain types of petroleum products: stable gas condensate – by 52.5%, petroleum coke – by 37.3%, briquettes, pellets and lignite agglomeration products – by 25.4% , carburetor oils – by 24.6%, other petroleum gases not included in other groups – by 16.7%, other petroleum lubricating oils not included in other groups – by 14.9%, industrial oils – by 14.4 %, diesel oils for aviation piston engines – by 13.5%. At the same time, prices for fuel oil fell – by 21.9%, motor gasoline – by 11.3%.

In the production of vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers, prices for ATVs increased by 21.1%, chassis with installed engines for vehicles – by 14.6%, electrical and electronic equipment for vehicles – by 13.5%, motor vehicles – by 12.7%. At the same time, prices for internal combustion engines for motor vehicles decreased by 22.2%.

In the production of food products, the prices for palm oil and its fractions refined, but not subjected to chemical modification – by 62.6%, soybean oil and its fractions unrefined – by 50.4%, modified starches – by 47.1%, coffee fried – by 38.8%, frozen potatoes – by 35.4%, special purpose fats – by 24.3%, flour, flakes and granules from potatoes, including dried potatoes – by 24.1%, processed spices – by 23.0%, melted vegetable-cream, vegetable-fat mixtures – by 20.8%, margarine – by 18.6%, cooked or canned potatoes – by 18.4%, complex food additives – by 18.1 %, canned meat and poultry by-products – by 17.6%, soybean oil and its fractions refined, but not subjected to chemical modification – by 17.5%, wafers and wafer wafers – by 17.2%, fine fodder flour and coarse grinding and fish granules – by 16.4%, sunflower oil and its unrefined fractions – by 15.5%, fructose and fructose syrup – n and 15.5%, pasta – by 15.4%, ketchup and other tomato sauces – by 14.5%, vegetable feed – by 14.2%, canned cod liver – by 14.0%, canned meat-containing – by 13.8%.

In providing electric energy, gas and steam; air conditioning prices in April fell by 1.6%, since the beginning of the year increased by 1%.

In water supply, water disposal, organization of waste collection and disposal, activities for the elimination of pollution, prices did not change in April, having decreased by 0.1% since the beginning of the year.

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