Ringo Starr puts his work up for auction at NFT

British musician, former drummer for The Beatles decided to sell his work as an artist. A total of five works are up for auction, including two digital works, each of which exists in four copies.

Digital lots will be sold with matching physical prints signed by Starr, as well as audio recordings of the artist performing original compositions inspired by specific works on drums.

According to Sergey Uvarov, Ph.D. in art criticism, Izvestia columnist, pop and rock stars are especially actively mastering NFT today, perceiving this direction as an additional income in an era of crisis in the traditional music industry.

“For stars like Ringo, fine art is a hobby that serious art collectors are unlikely to take seriously. But the NFT made it possible to commercialize these experiences beautifully at the expense of the fans. Few will decide to buy physical originals: it is expensive and involves a lot of difficulties. Another thing is digital files. In fact, NFT is becoming a new type of souvenirs and merchandise,” the expert noted.

On May 17, it was reported that three short animated videos by singer Madonna and digital artist Beeple were sold on the SuperRare NFT platform for $629,000. The Mother of Creation triptych includes the works Mother of Technology, Mother of Evolution, and Mother of Nature. The one-minute videos, created using 3D animation, feature a fully nude virtual doppelgänger of Madonna.

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