Russia began testing blocking VPN protocols

He wrote that, at least in two places, in Western Siberia and Krasnodar, servers on l2TP and IPsec are not available. Problems with access to IPsec are also reported from Rostov-on-Don.

GlobalCheck has confirmed IPsec availability issues in some regions. “UPD: on some operators (including Rostelecom) in the regions, IPsec does not even pass between the server and the client in Russia,” the message says. It is noted that serious problems have arisen in corporate networks, whose administrators are forced to urgently look for solutions in order to bypass the blocking.

At the same time, the Mediazona project writes that Mikhail Klimarev, the author of the Za Telekom telegram channel and director of the Internet Protection Society, believes that the inaccessibility of the protocols is a bug, not a targeted blocking.

Mediazona writes that Roskomnadzor began massively blocking VPN services in Russia in the fall of 2021. Among those blocked are Cloudflare WARP, Nord VPN, RedShield VPN, Opera VPN and more than a dozen services.

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