Russian-speaking children were not injured in a shooting at a school in Texas

Russian-speaking children are not among the victims and victims of the shooting at an elementary school in Texas. This was announced on Wednesday, May 25, by Consul General of the Russian Federation in Houston Alexander Zakharov, citing police data.
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“We spoke with the Uvalde police department. There is no evidence that Russian-speaking children suffered,” Zakharov said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

The shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas became known earlier on Tuesday. According to the latest data, the victims were 18 children and three adults. It was also clarified that more than 15 children and two law enforcement officers were among the victims.

The assailant was identified as 18-year-old Salvador Roma, a student at Uvalde High School, according to state governor Gregory Abbott, so he easily entered the building. Before opening fire at an elementary school, he also shot his 66-year-old grandmother. She is alive but in critical condition.

After the incident, US President Joe Biden announced the need to challenge the arms lobby. In addition, the American leader expressed his condolences for the deaths of students and adults at an elementary school in Texas. He also ordered US flags to be flown at half mast at government buildings, military installations and diplomatic missions until May 28.

In the U.S., free-to-carry weapons are legal in most states. The most loose gun ownership regulations exist in the states of Maine, Louisiana, and Alaska. In 43 states, the acquisition of weapons does not require obtaining licenses or registration.

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