Russians and Belarusians were left without modern chips from Taiwan

In response to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Taiwanese authorities have banned the export of modern chips to Russia and Belarus.

According to DigiTimes, from today, companies from Russia and Belarus will be deprived of the opportunity to become owners of microprocessors and chips made in Taiwan, if they have at least one of the following properties:

  1. performance of 5 gigaflops or more (for reference, Nintendo 3DS has a peak performance of 4.8 GFLOPS);
    2. clock frequency 25 MHz,
    3. ALU width over 32 bits,
    4. more than 144 contacts, or if the main switching propagation delay time is less than 0.4 nanoseconds,
    5. external connection with a data transfer rate of 2.5 MB / s or more

The publication emphasizes that the established restrictions actually deprive Russia and Belarus of the opportunity to obtain modern equipment of Taiwanese production.

Moreover, the list covers not only modern chips, but also technologies that can produce or reconstruct them, including lithographic equipment, scanners and scanning electron microscopes.

It will be recalled that sanctions imposed on Russia over the war with Ukraine hit its chip supply hard: Intel, AMD and IBM stopped selling shortly after the invasion. The situation has led to the fact that Russia has not only allowed the import of counterfeit chips, but also the re-profiling of components from household items.

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