Russians warned about the danger of buying herring on the market

Dietitian, doctor of medical sciences Alexei Kovalkov told why it is dangerous to take herring on the market.

In an interview with Sputnik radio on Friday, May 27, the specialist called herring a primordially Russian product with a lot of useful properties. So, it contains proteins, vitamins, antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids necessary for the body.

Meanwhile, this fish has one “huge minus” if you buy it in the wrong place.

According to the nutritionist, almost all herring is infected with helminths, which is why it needs to be frozen at a temperature of -23 … -30 degrees for two weeks.

“In factory production, this is always done, there are special cameras for this. And at home, it is simply packaged with pickling and distributed to markets in white buckets, so there is a risk of acquiring herring with “inhabitants” – with helminths, ”the specialist explained.

Kovalkov noted that helminths do not just live in the intestines of an infected person, but can lead to serious diseases of the heart, lungs and even the brain, Moskva 24 reports.

He stressed that only the herring that is sold in stores is safe. He clarified that, nevertheless, even the highest quality herring can be harmful to people with kidney disease, as well as obesity, since it is a product with a high salt content, writes Gazeta.Ru.

On May 26, a nutritionist, director of the Samara Research Institute of Dietology and Diet Therapy, Doctor of Medical Sciences Mikhail Ginzburg expressed the opinion that the rapid absorption of food leads to overeating. According to the expert, “the faster a person eats, chews, swallows faster, the more he eats. The fact is that the signals of satiety and satiety in a person are a little late.

According to the doctor, a lot depends on each individual and additional factors. However, in general, people are advised to eat slowly. To do this, while eating, it is important not to be distracted, to chew food thoroughly, understanding tastes, and enjoy the process, the 360 ​​TV channel notes.

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