Samsung plans to present a hybrid display: it can be folded and spread

Samsung has always had plans to expand the line of displays created using advanced technologies. Recent rumors indicate that the company intends to introduce hybrid display technology in the near future. It will allow you to combine folding and sliding displays, and thus flexibly change the size of the panel. The South Korean giant can demonstrate its development to a limited number of people at the international exhibition CES 2023, which will open its doors on January 5.

Naturally, it will not be possible to see the technology in two actions at the same time, so it is quite likely that such a display can either be folded/unfolded, or extended/moved. According to available information, the size of the experimental panel is 8 inches when folded and 10 inches when unfolded. When extending the screen, its size can increase to 12.4 inches. Thus, a device with such a display can acquire the size of a smartphone and transform to the size of a tablet or laptop. All things considered, Samsung wants to succeed with a new class of devices, although the lineup of sophisticated smartphones is still a niche. At the moment, hybrid technology raises more questions.
Samsung retractable panel, due to which you can increase the size of the screen

Probably, the company spent a lot of resources on such development, so the finished commercial product will cost at least 2 thousand dollars. It’s also unclear what software should be used, given the non-standard sizes, aspect ratios and screen resolutions that are also constantly changing. Perhaps it will be a special version of One UI based on Android. We will find out more detailed information soon.

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