Samsung TVs can completely replace the Xbox

Microsoft has not waited for the Xbox and Bethesda game showcase, which is set for June 12, and has introduced some new products related to its gaming direction. Samsung Announces Xbox Release on Smart TV in 2022 Model Year

The program will allow TVs to play games from the Xbox Cloud service Simply put, owners of such TVs will not be able to buy a console if they are satisfied with the set of games available on Xbox. Also, Microsoft Keystone Cloud is working on a set-top box, which will perform exactly the same function, and it appears that Samsung TVs will be able to do the same without such a set-top box.

So, Game Pass and Fortnite Library can be found on Samsung TV. Only here it is noticeable that the game set is a normal game pass and the cloud is a bit different. The Xbox app will be available on Samsung TVs on June 30 Microsoft has not yet released a list of supported TVs

Microsoft has recently introduced a feature. These are demo versions of the games as part of the Game Pass subscription, as Sony did with its new PS Plus. There are no details yet, but another source said the focus will be on indie games.

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