Simple ways to reduce the risk of heart disease

Performing these simple recommendations will significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, as the scientists of Cleveland clinics have established. And these diseases are still the main reason for leaving human life.
Smoking refusal

Smoking is a major risk of cardiovascular disease, accounting for 20% of all deaths due to coronary heart disease. Complete smoking refusal allows you to eliminate the harmful effects of this bad habit for several years and prolong life.

Alcohol restriction

It is not necessary to give up a glass of wine if you do not suffer from alcohol addiction. But alcohol abuse has a negative effect on the cardiovascular system as it provokes hypertension, strokes and heart failure. Alcoholics also have cardiomyopathy more often – a disease that affects the heart muscle.
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Sitting lifestyle

This habit of the number of harmful effects is not inferior to smoking. The key to a healthier heart in middle and old age is the right amount of physical activity. And for this you need 4-5 times a week to train, at least walking, swimming in the pool or riding a bicycle.
Less TV

Viewing TV also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. If we spend less than an hour a day, it allows 10% to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. This conclusion was recently reached by scientists from Hong Kong.

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