Superyacht catches fire and sank off the coast of England, there is a threat of a fuel spill

In the port of the English city of Torquay, a superyacht moored there caught fire, which sank as a result, there were 8,000 liters of fuel on board.

About this, as writes “European truth”, reports Sky News.

Eyewitnesses said the fire burned through a rope that was mooring the 26m yacht, sending it drifting as it drifted along the pier before crashing into a bridge that acted as a barricade.

No one was hurt, but the boat sank around 18:00.

The Environment Agency is now looking into the case, and on Saturday, officers issued two pollution alerts on the beaches closest to the marina.

Devon and Cornwall Police said the cause of the fire remains unclear and the investigation is ongoing.

The Port of Torquay said: “Thanks to the fantastic efforts of the emergency services team, the port authorities, our staff and customers, we were able to contain the emergency and avoid a major disaster.”

“Now we have several booms (floating barriers – ed.) around this area to protect the environment. Please be patient during the cleanup.”

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