Susanna Reid clashes with Northern Ireland’s Foreign Minister in heated debate

Good Morning Britain host Susanna Reid did not delay Tuesday’s show as she invited Northern Ireland Foreign Secretary Brandon Lewis on the ITV show to discuss the cost of living crisis

GMB: Brandon Lewis baked for exporters in Northern Ireland

Susanna Reid couldn’t contain herself on Good Morning Britain on Tuesday as she gave an interview to Northern Ireland Foreign Secretary Brandon Lewis.

Mother-of-three Susanna joined host Richard Madeley as she toasted the politician on the ITV breakfast show.

The duo are keen to speak to Mr Lewis about the cost of living crisis and the ‘doomsday’ food price warning.

Susanna told him: “The problem is we’re going through a cost-of-living crisis made worse by inflation….

“You mentioned the Northern Ireland protocol… Our reporter this morning was talking about a particular guitar company and it really illustrates the problem that exporters in Northern Ireland are trying to get goods to. theirs to the customer.

“Because of the paperwork, it took them 90 days to get a guitar for a customer in the UK, while it took three days to get the guitar to a customer in the Netherlands. We did ever hobbled. us?”

Mr. Lewis was quick to reply: “I don’t know that particular case but you just pointed out in fact the challenge we wanted to tackle…”

Laughing sarcastically at his answer, Susanna shot back: “A challenge you put on Mr. Lewis!”

However, the congressman didn’t have that and told her: “No Susanna, that’s not correct!

“Look, let’s be very clear on this, we’ve agreed to a protocol that in the running document, very clearly, is the vision that it’s not going to disrupt people’s daily lives. in their communities it will respect all aspects of the Good Friday Agreement it will respect the UK’s internal market and state functions as well as the EU signal market .

Mr Lewis continued: “Well, the implementation that the EU wanted to put in place violated four of them and that was just something unsustainable.

“We have to ensure that products moving within the UK can operate freely and ensure that goods are moving into the EU via Ireland, obviously handled appropriately,” he added, when Richard urged him.

Good Morning Britain airs at 6am weekdays on ITV and ITV Hub.


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