The classic Nokia 1680 from 2008 has been turned into a mini-PC on Linux

Introduced in 2008, the Nokia 1680 push-button phone became a mini-computer with a Linux operating system.

The Hakade Community Wizard, nicknamed Remu NotMode, has equipped the phone with a 1 GHz Ingenic X100E chip, a 2 ”QVGA IPS screen, a symmetrical USB-C connector and a 5 MP camera. The Nokia 1680 also got a microphone, Wi-Fi 4 and Bluetooth 4 adapters, a Yamaha audio synthesis device and a BL-5C battery.

The modem could not be installed, so it cannot call “Frankenstein”. Enthusiastic and graphical interface did not work. You must use the console command to control the mini-PC.

Natakia named the enthusiastic device. In the near future, the manufacturer promises to publish instructions for making the device. Remu NotMode does not rule out that it will start selling kits for Nokia 1680 modifications, if it is of interest to users.

The push-button telephone Nokia 1680, introduced in 2008, enabled an enthusiast to turn a mini-computer with an operating system, Linux.
Which is known

Community Crafter Hackday with the nickname Remu NotMode equipped the phone with a chip Ingenic X100E with 1 GHz frequency, 2 “screen IPS format QVGA, symmetrical connector USB-C and a 5 MP camera. Bluetooth 4, audio synthesis device Yamaha and a battery BL-5C.

The modem could not be installed, so this cannot be called “Frankenstein”. Enthusiastic graphical interface did not grow together. To control the Mini PC, you need to use the console command.

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