The creators of Bayraktar present new combat drones: what is known about them

The Turkish company Baykar, which already produces the famous Bayraktar drones, is working on two more projects that will be improved versions of the current Bayraktar.

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This was announced by the head of Baykar Selchuk Bayraktar at an exhibition in Baku, where they presented a new model of Akinci drone, according to Reuters.

Baykar is currently developing a TV3 (recall that the Armed Forces is currently using Bayraktar TV2 effectively), which will have folding wings and take off or land on aircraft carriers with a short runway.

The company is also working to create an unmanned combat aircraft called MUIS or Kizilelma. The first is being prepared by the end of the year, and the second will be tested in 2023.

Turkey’s unmanned Bayraktar TV2 has now become the order leader as it has proven its effectiveness in fighting a full-scale Russian-Ukrainian war. Ukrainian Bayraktar operators are successfully destroying enemy anti-aircraft and advanced artillery systems, as well as enemy military equipment.

Earlier, “Apostrophe” reported that the popular Lithuanian presenter raised 5 million euros on Bayraktar for Ukrainian defenders in three days.

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