The EU will soon decide on a single charging standard

The European Union has been trying to bring all electronics manufacturers to a single charging standard since the days of microUSB. In fact, now all manufacturers have switched to USB-C, and only Apple remains on the proprietary standard. Apple has opposed the single standard for years, but it looks like the battle will be lost in a few days.

New changes in the law require that all smartphones, tablets and wireless headphones use a USB-C connector for charging. It should be noted that this is a charger in the body of the device, not an adapter.

Analysts claim that Apple is already testing new iPhones with USB-C (although this is an iPhone that will be released in 2023 – this is still waiting for us models with Lightning). The next legislative battle will be about wireless charging – the single standard is planned to be adopted in 2025, and it is unknown how it will end.

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