The first dentistry will appear in the virtual metaverse

British dental group Dental Design Studio has bought land in the Sandbox meta universe. Thus, in addition to receptions in 15 real offices across the UK, the network of dentists will also receive clients in virtual reality.

On the purchased land, Dental Design Studio plans to repeat the process of conducting operations in the same way as they take place in a real operating room. In general, virtual dentistry will be as usual: patients will be able to sit in the dentist’s chair, receive advice, enjoy virtual procedures, communicate with staff and watch videos about dental hygiene.

According to the co-founder of the network of clinics, Dr. Jeff Scherer, this technology is of interest to them primarily in terms of benefits for patients. Doctors came up with the idea of ​​creating a group of dental practices in the metaverse to allow patients to see a doctor without leaving home. This project is aimed primarily at people who are afraid to go to the dentist and children. Now, thanks to the “magic” of virtual reality, they will be able to sit in a dental chair, turn on interactive content, relax and adjust to the upcoming trip to the doctor.

Also in the virtual clinic, customers will be offered numerous NFTs that guarantee real-world membership privileges (such as free access to dental hygienists) or future privileges in the metaworld (avatar accessories, discounts or loyalty cards).

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