The head of Xiaomi 12 Ultra showed the smartphones he uses every day

No one is as well versed in the mobile gadget industry as the smartphone makers themselves. Therefore, it is always interesting to know which devices are preferred by the leaders of large companies for personal use. There is traditionally little information about this – the management tries not to show it and the image dictates to promote only its own products.

However, there are exceptions. Recently, users of the Chinese social network Weibo noticed that the head of Xiaomi Lei Jun publishes his posts from various devices. Some have suggested that Jun’s account is simply run by his staff, each with his own Xiaomi phone. To find out the truth, users asked Lei Jun himself to comment on the situation.

And the head of Xiaomi came to an answer. He explained that he maintains the account personally, and all smartphones lit under the posts belong to him. Jun uses four devices at once, often several at a time. Also, the head of Xiaomi shared photos of his smartphones, among which were: the flagships Xiaomi 12 and Xiaomi 11 Ultra, the Xiaomi Civi image device and the relatively inexpensive Redmi Note 11T Pro.

He did not explain why Lei Jun chose these models. The ironic comments under the photo did not take long. One user jokingly remarked that Jun had to have at least one other smartphone, the one he used to take the photo. And with a hint that it’s an iPhone. Recently, one of the posts on the page of the head of Xiaomi in Weibo was indeed published from the iPhone, but quickly edited. So it is very likely that Lei Jun also uses Apple products, but we are unlikely to know for sure.

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