The invaders equipped the drone with a Lada Priora engine

Last week, the Russians presented the Aladdin cargo drone, designed to solve a wide range of tasks. It is capable of taking on board up to 250 kg of payload. The drone was developed by the general designer of the project A. Altukhov. The man spent about 22 million rubles for these purposes, which is equivalent to 11.5 million hryvnia. According to the general designer, at the moment he is busy looking for an investor for the further implementation of the project. Altukhov expects to raise about 50 million rubles. Hundreds of millions of rubles will be required to launch mass production of cargo drones. The Aladdin developer claims that the defense department, the Russian Post, the Frutonyanya baby food manufacturer, and the Sberbank credit organization have already become interested in the cargo drone. A drone with an electric motor is capable of covering a distance of up to 30 km. The range of a drone with a gasoline power plant from Lada Priora is 100 km. To achieve this result, Altukhov increased the power of the car engine from 100 to 260 hp. With.

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