The main function of iPhone 14 Pro is confirmed

Experts have confirmed that Apple is always preparing to release the first smartphone with an on-screen. This publication has been reported by 9to5mac.

Media reporters analyzed iOS 16, which was announced at the June 6 WWDC event. Three new frameworks related to the brightness of the smartphone screen have been found in the source code of the operating system. According to experts, this is a clear indication that Apple’s future devices will have an always-on-display feature.

The always-on-display lets you constantly display some information off-screen – time, date, weather information and other messages. The material further states that the new frameworks relate entirely to the brightness control of smartphone displays instead of the Apple Watch, where the AOD option is already present. The authors believe that the new option will be the main feature of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max smartphones.

Also, the OS has found hidden settings that experts can use to enable AOD on unsupported smartphones. This means that Apple engineers could test the permanent display feature on the iPhone 13 Pro before it appears on the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max later this year.

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