The NEXAT robot has completed sowing and started spraying in Ukrainian fields

Despite all the difficulties associated with Russia’s military aggression, the NEXAT team completed the 2022 sowing campaign in agro-technical terms and launched the next technical operation – spraying.

This was announced in a comment to by the director of Nexat Ukraine Yuriy Mruk.

This season, the system tractor sowed 200 hectares of sunflower and 100 hectares of corn on the farm of Kyiv region, as well as about 450 hectares of corn in Cherkasy region.
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“After waiting for rye to be harvested in the Kyiv region, we tried to use the potential of our machine and for the first time sowed 100 hectares of corn for silage according to the No-Till system. There was a conventional drill in the work and we gave the robot such weight that the unit could put the seeds to the depth indicated by the agronomist of the farm. As soon as the crops come up, then let’s look at the similarities. ”
Yuriy Mruk – Director of Nexat Ukraine

Yuriy Mruk noted that there were no significant problems during the sowing campaign, the only thing that was and is catastrophic problems with fuel – it is almost non-existent at the gas station. And if there is, it takes several hours to stand in line at gas stations to get to work employees of the NEXAT project.

“We are working according to plan, there are no failures. We either bring the spare parts we need from Germany or make them here on site. Let’s say the workflow is a little slower, but it’s going on, the project is working and evolving. ”
Yuriy Mruk – Director of Nexat Ukraine

As for spraying, there are currently 2 NEXAT system tractors working in the fields: the first is equipped with a Dammann sprayer with a working width of 70 m and a 24 cc tank, the second with a machine of the same brand with a 42 m bar and a 12 cc barrel.

In parallel with spraying, service engineers are defecting NexCo system combines for future harvesting.

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