The psychiatrist spoke about the permissible rate of use of gadgets

Each person himself must determine the allowable rate for the use of gadgets, said the doctor Marcel Dodica.

There are people for whom an hour a day spent on social networks is a lot, and there are those who work in social networks, whose activities are directly related to gadgets, they spend most of their time behind a monitor screen or on a phone. Is this a norm or a pathology? The only question is how much it interferes with your life.

At the same time, Dodica said that due to the excessive “virtualization of one’s life”, a person can “lose heart”, begin to feel unhappy, inferior, a feeling of inferiority, envy appears.

If the gadget does not interfere with your life, then you can not worry, but if you feel that almost all of your free time is spent on the Internet, then, of course, you should always conduct mental hygiene from information

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