The Russians hit the border communities of the Sumy region, 140 arrivals

Over the past day, almost 140 arrivals from Russia were recorded to the border communities of the Sumy region.

Source: head of the Sumy military administration Dmitry Zhivitsky

Details: On the outskirts of Krasnopolye at 10 in the morning he hit from self-propelled guns – 4 arrivals. From 11 am, mortar shelling was carried out on the territory of the community – 28 arrivals, and after it they were still hit by artillery – 14 arrivals.

The shelling of the Krasnopolsky bulk continued after lunch: from 12 they hit from MLRS – 12 arrivals and shelling from self-propelled guns – another 11.

They also hit the Belopolskaya community from 10 o’clock: from self-propelled guns – 7 arrivals, as well as mortar shelling – 8 arrivals. Around noon, the mortar shelling of the bulk continued – 10 arrivals.

And at about 13.00, the enemy dropped 1 explosive device (of the VOG-17 type) from a UAV onto the territory of the community.

In the Seredino-Buda community, from 13:30 on the outskirts of Seredino-Buda, the Russians were firing from self-propelled guns (9 arrivals), mortars (3 arrivals), machine guns (5 machine-gun bursts).

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