The SBU prevented a series of cyber attacks on the authorities

Recent SBU special operations to counter the enemy in cyberspace and information space include:

In Poltava region: SBU officers neutralized a hacker group that worked in the interests of Russia’s special services.
In Vinnytsia: SBU investigators have completed a pre-trial investigation into an ally of Sharia, who supported the Russian aggression and justified the crimes of the occupiers.
In Kyiv: A Russian Internet agent who called for the seizure of power in Ukraine has been detained.
In Donetsk region: SBU officers exposed a pro-Russian blogger who agitated citizens to help the aggressor.
In Rivne oblast: According to the SBU, an indictment has been filed against a former employee of one of the strategically important facilities in the region, who spread Kremlin disinformation.
In Cherkasy region: SBU cyber specialists blocked the activities of three hostile propagandists

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